Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hump day day off

November 16, 2016

I have a cold. I think. I might be having a reaction to leaf mold. There are plenty of leaves on the ground and I did use a blower to clear the rain gutters Monday evening. I think it's a cold because my throat was sore last Saturday. Cleaning the gutters just didn't help. I not really whining because I don't feel all that sick. My voice is a nasty croak so I took a sick day. 

Deuce is excited about having his Mommy home. I can't say the same for his daddy. The man of the house is fixing food for us - eggs and toast - and he's the one whose routine is blown for the day. 

A day off in the middle of the week, for whatever reason, is a rare occurrence. I've been gainfully employed all of my adult life. Retirement approaches and I'll have many more Wednesdays at my disposal. The closer I get to the earliest possible day to retire, the more options become available. I ponder that sort of thing when I have a day off. I also think about the things I didn't accomplish in the summer recently passed - like having porch railings installed. Next summer. 

Typical of every day, this one includes writing and/or the business of writing. So far today I've recorded a sales report, worked on the promo blurb for an upcoming book, zipped over to LRC and dropped a couple of excerpts for the group members, and I'm blogging. 

This afternoon I'll settle down and work on a story. There's time. After all, this day off is all about staying warm and cozy, resting, and doing what will speed my recovery, and writing always makes me feel better. 

KC Kendricks

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