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MidWeek Tease Blog Hop - The Ghost at the B&B - Kendricks/France

June 21, 2017

Welcome to summer! Doesn't it seem like we reached mid-year awfully fast? It does to me but I guess that's what being happy and productive can do for you. There's just no time to sit and watch the grass grow. 

This week, as part of the MidWeek Tease Blog Hop, is an excerpt from The Ghost at the B&B. You won't find this excerpt anywhere else. It's special for today's blog hop. Enjoy!

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As luck would have it, the headlights of a car flashed bright beams through the house as my bare feet touched the cold floor at the foot of the stairs. I peeked out the nearest window and saw the reflective decals on the cruiser. Colin smiled as I opened the door.

“You waited up for me? How nice. You really didn’t have to.”

I stepped into his arms and let him kiss me. He was warm and solid as I held him, and, best of all, when I pulled away, he blinked.

“I know that, smartass. I just came downstairs for a drink. Would you like one?” I motioned for him to follow me to the rear of the house.

He nodded and tagged along. “I’d love one. Do you have anything other than beer?”

“I’m going for the bourbon.” I didn’t say I thought he’d need one, too, once he heard my story.

“That sounds good to me. Listen, Michael. Don’t make a habit of waiting up for me. Shifts rarely end on time.”

I wanted to ignore the implication of his words but I couldn’t. He meant to stick around and see what was going on between us. I liked the idea and no way would I say anything to jinx it.

I pointed at a chair, then held up a fifth of whiskey. He sat and made a face. “Next time I come over I’ll bring you a bottle of something better.”

“I’m a poor untenured professor. This rotgut is all I can afford.” I checked the ice tray and found the icemaker had cycled a few times. I put a few cubes into two glasses, then poured us each a generous splash of bourbon. Colin murmured his thanks as I handed one to him.

“Just so you know, I wasn’t waiting up for you. I had a visitor.”

Colin tapped his glass to mine and took a sip. I could almost see him relax. He looked at me with open curiosity. “Who came to call this late? Do you have a boyfriend I don’t know about?”

“Got your hopes up for a threesome, big fella?”

He grinned from ear to ear as he lifted his glass and took another sip.

“Well, don’t unless you like sleeping with a…ghost.” Lord, but I felt silly saying the word out loud.

“Excuse me?” He leaned forward, his cop gaze razor-sharp as his full attention riveted on me.

“You heard me correctly. I had a conversation with a ghost who said his name is Robin.”

Colin gave me what I can only describe as a funny look. “I see. Why don’t you start at the beginning and tell me everything.”

I took a healthy swallow of the booze and relayed the encounter. “And the fucker never blinked his eyes not even once. How fucking weird is that?”

Colin’s chest rose and fell as he took a deep breath and then exhaled slowly. “You say he simply vanished?”

“I wasn’t dreaming, Colin. He—Robin—just sorta faded away. I turned on the light so I could see him better and that’s when he…dissipated.”

“Okay,” he said slowly. “Did you go down into the basement?”

“No way. If the weird noises I’ve been hearing are anything to go by, I think I have rats down there. Until someone gets rid of the little bastards, I’m not going down again.”

He chuckled wickedly. “I’m with you when it comes to rats, but I carry a gun.”

“Good. Go shoot the vermin.”

Colin leaned forward again. “Seriously, Michael. After what you’ve just told me, I need to go down in the basement and look around. If what the ghost said is true, it sounds as if he was murdered, and I need to see what I can find in the way of evidence.”

“You believe in ghosts?”

“I’m not saying that. But…”

“But what? You do but you don’t want to admit it?

“Not even that. Like I mentioned earlier, there have always been stories about this house being haunted..." 


Michael Brooks’ life took an unexpected direction when he found the Taylor Mansion, a two-story Colonial perfect for a Bed & Breakfast. An untenured college professor, he’s suddenly also a successful entrepreneur. And best of all, he met sexy deputy Colin Jefferson and they hit it off in a big way. He’s even made friends with the mansion’s resident ghost. 

Deputy Colin Jefferson is a hometown boy who made good. As a member of the local police force, he serves the community he loves. He’s heard tales about the Taylor Mansion ghost all his life. Now he’s living there with Michael and knows the stories are true. There’s a ghost with a penchant for voyeurism lurking in his bedroom. 

How the ghost came to live in at the B&B is a mystery Michael and Colin need to solve. It’s the only way for their resident spirit to get justice and to find eternal rest. Until they can unearth the murderer, the friendly ghost at the bed and breakfast is a permanent guest. 


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KC Kendricks


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This sounds really interesting.

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Great teaser :-)

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Great tease, KC, well done!

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I'm intrigued. Great teaser :-)

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Looks like there's a mystery to solve.

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