Sunday, October 29, 2017

A freaky coincidence, or is Mother Nature working a plan?

October 29, 2017

If you follow along here at Between the Keys you know I love living in the woods. I have a beautiful plot of this earth to call my own. Well, I have stewardship of this piece of the planet. It's my turn to care for it and come some future day, that care will fall to another. 

The day dawned gray and drizzly. It's rained all day, thank heavens! I'm writing this blog post as the light fades and the fog settles in. This is so much better than what happened six years ago today. 

You see, we had "precipitation" on October 29, 2011, too. It was the white, frozen kind. The total snowfall was modest, a mere 3.7 inches. The caveat? There were still leaves on the trees, as there is this year. The wet snow clung to the leaves and destruction ensued

The snowfall started early Saturday morning. By three o'clock in the afternoon, the power lines were down. We were without service for fifty-five hours, but we survived. Cleaning up the yard was a huge job that took an entire month.

I don't attribute this seeming coincidence of precipitation today and six years ago on anything in particular. I've lived long enough to know the weather moves in cycles, especially here in western Maryland. A very snowy winter is generally followed by six or seven less snowy winters. 2011 was actually the low in the current cycle. 

That doesn't bode well for this winter, does it?

KC Kendricks

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