Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Eye of the Beholder for the MidWeek Tease

March 21, 2018

So they say it's spring...hmmmm. Must be spring in the city because halfway up the mountain it's still rather chilly outside.

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Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean it's not hot in here! This week I'm highlighting a longer excerpt from Eye of the Beholder. Perhaps with that title, it shouldn't surprise you our hero finds himself a voyeur. They do say the Big Apple has everything. 

Be warned - this little tease is more explicit than the usual tease. 
It IS spring, you know. Enjoy!


I was just about to tuck my toes under the sheet when, for no real reason, a movement on the other side of the narrow alley drew my attention. I yawned as the lights in the apartment across the way and down a story went out. The lower half of the window rose about six to eight inches and a pair of male hands set a block to keep it from falling closed. The hands, now unseen, pushed the sheer curtains apart to allow what little breeze stirred this night entrance to his room. Still visible in the glow of the ever-present city light, I watched as naked, he flopped down on his bed, his back arched as he stretched his arms over his head.

Why I didn’t crawl between the sheets and go to sleep will forever remain a mystery. I never aspired to be a peeping Tommy. I might watch a little gay porn now and again, but what poor deprived country boy hadn’t resorted to the joys of the Internet to get by until he could find a real man? That didn’t make me a pervert. Unlike a few of the tricks I’d had since arriving in lower Manhattan, I didn’t even like to have sex in public places. But in the blink of an eye, I became a voyeur.

I suppose I was surprised to be able to see him so clearly, but I didn’t give it much thought. Hell, who could think? Not me. I could only watch and ache as my cock swelled.

He was beautiful. His face was shrouded in shadow, but the city lights revealed his lean, toned body in all its well-formed splendor, cast in liquid silver. He stretched a second time, and I longed to trail my fingertips over the long lines of his torso. I cupped my balls and settled them in a more comfortable position, then stroked my shaft. Arousal teased my nerve endings before it shrieked through me as the man on the bed ran his hands over his thighs.

The inside of my thighs prickled. I soothed the skin, rubbing gently. The hair on my legs was rough under my palms. Were his thighs dusted with hair, or did he have a darker pelt like mine? I followed his path as he caressed the softer skin where leg blended to hip, sliding my fingertips down the valley and in alongside my sac. My dick throbbed, but until he stroked the dark rod that rested on his pale abdomen, I couldn’t give in to the temptation to reach for relief.

I groaned as the man flipped over onto his belly and wiggled his hips, the perfect muscular mounds of his buttocks alabaster in the starlight. He spread his legs, knees well apart. How could he do that to me?

Was that a movement in the shadows behind him? Heart pounding, I froze, fearing my presence would be detected by this second man, who eased between the man’s open thighs, his sizable boner pointing straight out at my phantom lover’s ass.

I forgot how to breathe as the new man poured something from a container into the palm of his hand, then caressed those lovely white globes, dipping low into private spaces. He gripped the first man’s hips and pulled him up to his knees. His tool rode against the man’s ass, then ever so slowly vanished from view. I fisted my cock and pumped, rapidly approaching the edge. I sucked in a lungful of air and stopped, transfixed as they changed position.

They were on their knees now with the man of silver’s back pressed tightly to his impaler’s chest. The top thrust into him with an easy steady rhythm. I strained to catch a glimpse of the bottom’s dick, but his arm, moving in rhythm with each thrust, blocked my sight. Silver’s head dropped back. They kissed, a long, passionate melding of mouths. I stretched out my legs and rolled the velvety skin that covered my shaft over the hard inner core.

I was beyond them now. They filled my vision, but the heat coiling inside my belly burned too hotly. My arm met their pace and matched it. I panted, struggling to breathe and keep from surging ahead of them. They faltered, the man in front falling forward onto all fours.

My balls tingled. The scent of my own musk rose from between my sticky fingertips. The top shoved his hips forward and hung there, spine arched and head back. I blinked the sweat out of my eyes and focused my blurry vision on the two men across the narrow alley.

They sprawled on the bed in a jumble of arms and legs. A lighter flared, momentarily casting the face of the top into stark golden light. The tip of a cigarette glowed orange and hot, then the smoker perched on the edge of the mattress, his hands busy in the shadows between his legs. I recognized the posture as the one assumed for condom removal.

I’d intruded, and that simple gesture that showed they cared enough to protect each other said how much. I grabbed a tissue, wiped off, and lay down. I tugged the sheet up and rolled over to face away from the window. I hoped the next time they got down and dirty they’d keep the curtains closed and not tempt me again.




Andy Madison is city born and bred. Filling in for a friend at a coffee shop, Andy meets Ben Hardin and sparks fly. They spend a long, lazy Sunday afternoon together to get to know each other, and when they decide to let nature take its course, they go to Ben’s cozy apartment.

Ben’s taking his time becoming acclimated to his new life in the big city. He’s got a great job he loves, he’s making new friends, and his starter apartment has the most incredible views a young man could dream of. Ben’s discovered there’s more to admire than the arts, music and architecture. All he has to do is look out his window and across the narrow alley.

Andy thinks he’s seen it all living in the Big Apple, but what he spies through Ben’s window is something that can only be enjoyed by the eye of the beholder... 

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Anonymous said...

Phew, that was a hot tease! :-) Ikwym about Spring. Sure doesn't feel like it here in the UK either!

Kryssie Fortune said...

We all need a room with a view like that.

Angelica Dawson said...

Hot tease!

Christiane France - Author said...

Very hot tease to what I already know to be a very good story.

Unknown said...

Yay for voyeurism! Hot tease, KC!

Lea Bronsen said...

Very nice and hot tease! Love it!
And you're right about the weather. Can't wait for spring :)

Christina Mandara said...

Ah, the thrill of watching something that you shouldn't... I wonder if it will get him in trouble? Great tease!