Thursday, May 7, 2009

Noodle Confessions

I confess.

I shop at the local Dollar Tree. Everything is a buck. What’s not to love? So today I stop in to purchase two noodles.

Noodles – those long foam things that float in the pool. Not that I have a pool. I don’t. These noodles will be employed differently. Using a very sharp knife, my hubby will create a straight slit down each one and then fit it over the front edge of the bed of his pickup. Why, you ask?

When you haul things like mulch, pea gravel, topsoil, the noodle keeps all that crap from falling down between the cab and bed of the pickup and making a place for rust to lurk. Wish I could say that was my original idea, but it wasn’t. All I know is I’ve seen it actually work. But I digress.

While at the Dollar Tree, I found a little book about the Ten Rules of Writing. I’ve no idea when it was published as it lacks a copyright, but it does have the original price on it - $14.95 American, $17.50 Canadian. So for giggles and laughs, and a buck, I brought the book home. With a maximum of twenty-five words per page, it was a quick read.

I’m pleased to report I’ve broken all ten of the rules and I feel really good about doing so.

I’ve talked about the weather, described characters, added a prologue (well, I wrote one, anyway), I’ve used regional dialogue, and yes! I have used exclamation points at will!

Damn! But that makes me feel good!

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