Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Ride

Email is a mixed blessing of my EDJ (endless day job). The annoying pleas for help from co-workers unable to grasp the concept of RUNNING A BACKUP are mixed in with the inane pick-me-ups, raunchy jokes, and the important stuff from my girlfriends. Sometimes my girls are the one sending the jokes and the cutesy slide shows. Doesn’t anyone work at work?

This past week I got a little slideshow called, “The Ride,” which was all about enjoying life. Considering who it was from, I had to watch it because I knew there would be a quiz…..

As I watched the thing play, one screen caught my attention. “Burn the candles, use the good sheets, don’t save it for a special occasion because today is special.” I like that concept.

For me, writing makes my day special. I floundered for a lot of years doing things, hobbies, that I enjoyed, but wasn’t necessarily passionate about. Taking the plunge and writing that first story changed all that. I can’t finish one story without getting ideas for two more. It brings me to my computer every day with an eagerness that was missing in my life. Writing has become the driving force of my “ride.”

Today brings a few of life’s more mundane chores. I’m home, so I have all those small things to do to keep my nest feathered. But after that, I think I’m going to go splurge on something special for my day. I’ve no idea what it is yet, I’ll simply know it when I see it.

And yes, I’m putting my best linens out, all through the house.

KC Kendricks

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