Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Cyber Life (June 2009)

Note: The following blog entry is best viewed with tongue firmly in cheek while gently caressing a wine glass with the thumb and middle finger.

Bring it on, Facebook.

No, really. Who needs time to write, anyway?

Back in the day, I learned how to do a basic website. Thank God for software that doesn't ask for a lot html coding. After that, I moved on to LiveJournal. That didn't last long because of Blogger and WordPress. Hey, learn one, learn 'em all, right?

Being two for two (website and blog), why not take on Tom and get a MySpace account? Yeah. Why not?

Um.... those twelve unfinished manuscripts? Hello!

With MySpace in the bag, it was time to get back to writing, so I....

Hey...what's this? You can make your own book trailers and post them to MySpace? And on a website? And on YouTube? And LiveVideo? Cool.

Sooooo, I can now make a book trailer, but who the heck wants to? I have all these ideas for new stories...........

But the current wisdom espouses to the theory MySpace is out and Facebook is in.

Facebook? How hard can it be? How much time can it take away from the writing?

HELLO!!! That growing pile of unfinished manuscripts!!!!

[drumroll please]

I'm learning Facebook. If I ever figure out the url for my page, I'll post it to my mail list. Unless, of course, I come to my senses and actually finish a new manuscript first.

In the meantime, someone keep my publisher and editor away from reading my blog and finding out how badly (oops.. a word ending in 'ly') I'm slacking off.

KC Kendricks

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