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Character, imperfect

May 28, 2009

Not being a person with a natural leaning toward politics, some of the goings-on in the world of writing baffle me. I have to think pretty hard to figure some of the stuff out, and some of it never does make sense to me. I’m confused why a love story can’t just be a love story. You know…a story about two people meeting, discovering each other, and attempting to join their paths on their journey through this life. Must every story make a political statement?

I guess I’m a big disappointment to the folks that answer, ‘yes’.

I like happy endings. I thought I had one, but maybe I don’t. Fifteen years ago, I was sure I had it, and if I’d ended my life story there, it would have been with the time honored HEA. Would that have made the last decade, with all its trials and tribulations invalid somehow? Does a firm belief in the happily ever after taint my all future tomorrows? Depends on how jaded you are.

To those of us with long-term partners, we’re privileged to see them at their worst. Yes, privileged. When my mate acts like an ass, I see someone no one else ever does. It’s a singular honor bestowed in complete trust that I will not withdraw my love and affection over some meaningless behavior. If you don’t get that about your partner – grow up. You’re not so perfect either.

The stories he could tell on me….but that’s another blog. NOT.

In the quest to write a love story with honest, believable characters, a writer draws on all of life’s experiences. We know shy people who walk around with a chip on their shoulder to cover up the shyness, and people who hide their inner fear, and pain, with outward bravado. And we know kind, caring people with the patience of Job that no amount of stress seems to affect. I bet their partners could tell stories, too.

We are all made unique, thank God. So instead of trying to make political statements with my stories, I choose to make people statements. I hope I portray them with all their bad behaviors, contradictions, and shining moments. Good side, bad side, and human side. Mature, immature, perfect and imperfect all rolled together into one person.

Just like you and me.

KC Kendricks

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