Saturday, July 11, 2009

A great review for Seducing Light, and a few contradictions

July 11, 2009

Getting a book review is a weird experience for me. As a writer, I do wonder what people think of my work. Yet, as a reader, I pay no attention to reviews whatsoever in choosing my next book to read. I'll make up my own mind about what I like, thank you very much. Contradictory, to say the very least.

Literary Nymphs gave Seducing Light a 4.5 (out of a possible 5) Nymph review, but more than the numbers, the reviewer saw into the story. Nick is hardly perfect, but neither is Asher. They're human, with a lot of contradictions, and contradictory emotions. How refreshing for a reviewer to understand that those opposing forces make a great 'character imperfect.'

As a general rule, my partner doesn't like some of the rock music I like, yet there is one AC/DC song he'll always turn the volume up to hear. It's still safe to say the man doesn't like AC/DC.

I have never owned a Dodge vehicle, or even considered looking at one to purchase. Suddenly, out rolls the new Challenger, and I'm seriously looking at it. But I'm still not a fan of Dodge.

If these small contradictions are part of what makes us who were are, why then must our characters be "cookie cutter" perfect? The answer is, of course, they shouldn't be. Mature readers, and reviewers for that matter, recognize that and look for the uniqueness of each individual.

My thanks to Scandalous Minx for the well-written review of Seducing Light, and for letting me know I hit my mark.

Seducing Light is available at Amazon. 

KC Kendricks

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