Monday, July 13, 2009

Harry, Pepper and the Homewrecker (a.k.a. Linda)

July 13, 2009

Linda! How could you?!?!?!?!

So, yes, it’s a wonderful Monday afternoon, I should be shouting from the rooftops, or at least my keyboard, that my latest book, No One But You, is live. That’s what I need to be busy doing. Everyone loves Stacy and Levi (Shining Victory) and I got emailed demanding I continue their story. Give the readers what they want is in the top ten of The Rules, you know.

Instead, I’m surfing the Internet, and giggling so much my co-workers are getting suspicious. It seems the romance of the new millennium, that of penguins Harry and Pepper, might be over.

(Now, don't get huffy that I'm amused. I like penguins. I just think the Internet is a wonderful, fun place full of all sorts of interesting information.)

Harry and Pepper, both male penguins at the San Francisco zoo, have been together since 2003. They even raised an abandoned egg together.

Enter Linda, a female with more than chit-chat on her mind. It seems Linda is a free-thinker when it comes to her mates, and she set her flippers on Harry. The little lady even got Harry to attack his long time partner Pepper. Zookeepers had to separate them.

Now, Harry and Linda have raised a chick, and molting season is approaching. When Harry loses his good looks, Linda may just move on to her next conquest.

As for Pepper, whether or not he’ll get the option to take Harry back, he’s seen Harry’s true colors. I hope his handlers give him squid for dinner every night for the rest of his life. And all Harry gets is fish.

And what about Linda the Homewrecker? Maybe I shouldn’t go there….

KC Kendricks

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