Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gray Vitamins

So, I went shopping today at the local warehouse club because I needed paper products. Having a few extra dollars, I cruised the vitamin and supplement aisle, and decided it was time I start taking a multi-vitamin a few times a week. I am of a certain age now, you know, so I selected a blend for more mature individuals. Now I just have to remember I have them so I can take them, hence my saying 'a few times a week'. Don't snicker. Your day will come.

I get home and open the bottle to check out the vitamins. You know, give them a sniff and see just how nasty they might really be.

The pills are gray.

I think I'm affronted. Perhaps insulted. Gray, for heaven's sake. Is this some sort of AARP conspiracy? Someone's idea of humor? (Okay, it IS funny, but reminding me I'm more mature is unnecessary.) I'm a boomer. I don't have to take this lying down.

On the other hand, I guess I'll pop those little gray pills and see if help me type faster. I'll just do it with my eyes closed.

KC Kendricks

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