Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shine A Light favorably reviewed

In the way back time, when I was a neophyte in this writing business, I was told that to succeed, one must promote, promote, promote. If it involved your book, you had to go tell it on the mountain. Coming soon, new release, good review, bad review, reader reviewer, website update, blog update…you get the picture. You’ve seen the promo wheels in action.

I’ve never been comfortable with the promo machine. My definition of success might need a little work, too. Simply finishing a story makes my endeavor a success. What comes after, well, so much of that is out of my hands it hardly counts. No matter how hard I work the machine, people will only buy what they want to buy.

But, with all that said, here I am today touting three very good reviews for Shine A Light. Should I confess to a profound relief over good reviews? Sure. Why not? Especially when I wrote Shine A Light twice. The first draft didn’t satisfy me, which actually feeds back to the need to promote, ad nauseam. Write a good book, and it promotes itself.

Which ties back to where I am this morning, hawking a set of reviews because at least three people think Shine A Light is a good book. So without further author babbling, here are the review snippets, with links, from Joyfully Reviewed, Literary Nymphs, and the incomparable Elisa Rolle.

Go ahead and Shine a Light on this sensual and satisfying page turner. Well written, intriguing characters are the focus. Van is picking up the pieces, stumbling, in shock from a betrayal he never saw coming and Shane, tender and strong, is the perfect match for Van. Well paced, with solid secondary characters and the setting is nicely detailed as well. Shine a Light has steamy moments – hot enough to fog your glasses - and characters you will care about. Seriously entertaining and totally engaging. - Lisa, reviewer for Joyfully Reviewed

The characters of Van and Shane are likable and the chemistry between them is obvious from their first meeting. This 32K novella length release is definitely a love story, but the sex doesn’t overwhelm the other things going on within its pages. There’s plenty of time left for our guys to build a relationship and renew Van’s career, all while dealing with Lynn and his crazy determination to keep Van for himself. This contemporary romance is enjoyable, leaving the reader with that happy, satisfied feeling at the end. - Mystical Nymph, for Literary Nymphs Reviews

Sincerely this story surprised me since it’s not at all the light romance I was expecting, it has some deep layers that is a joy to discover….this extended novella was really a nice surprise, [one] that I recommend more people to give it a try. - Elisa Rolle

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