Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kicking and Screaming all the way

The Back Stairs

A few days ago, I wrote how I didn't like the 'coming soon' promo - and I still don't. But writing about it, seeing the words on the screen, made me stop and think of why I don't like doing it.

The thundering herd has a certain momentum that sucks everything in and drags one along. That's not a bad thing. It's quite useful. There is safety in numbers, after all. But how does one stand out as a part of the thundering herd? It's easier to get trampled under foot. (Led Zeppelin, anyone?)

I actualy admire people like Rick R. Reed who can promo their butts off and still write a really good book. I'm sure he makes decisions, every day, as to whether to write in the morning, promo in the morning, or do something like eat breakfast and exercise in the morning. We are the choices we make.

Usually, I choose writing first above all else. Except for when I'm at the day job, or fixing dinner, or doing the laundry, or handling some family business/crisis. I'm at the day job now, and while I can be online a bit and blog, I don't dare work on actually writing the story. That's difficult on those days, like today, when I'm waiting for the work to filter through others and get to me. I'm a Gemini. I'm easily bored.

Which leads me back to the 'coming soon' promo. I'm spending this morning with an idle brain, and that is never a good thing unless it can be put to work on self-improvement. Thinking only looks lazy, but it's actually hard work.

So, in an effort to get over myself when it comes to doing the 'coming soon' promo, I have resolved to take each new story and do at least a minimum of the CSP.

Just don't hold me to it, because I'm sure I'll still choose writing the next story first.

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