Saturday, June 5, 2010

Vacation clutter

Listen... Do you hear it?...

It's the blissful silence of a Saturday morning. Man, dog and cat are all sleeping. I would be, too, but my messy desk needs some attention. Like it's getting it while I blog, huh? In a way, it is.

I've been on vacation from the day job this past week, and it didn't turn out to be the week I longed for. Lesson learned: leave home next time. Alone.

But that's beside the point. Organization and orderliness flew out the window this past week, and I need to sort through all this...crap...and get ready to get refocused on business. What better way to collect my scattered thoughts than to put them down in writing?

What doesn't belong on the desk? There's the pile of birthday cards, the Kindle, Kindle case, Kindle charger, camera, cell phone, jump drive, hand lotion, four ink pens, my contacts case, a new contract which should be in the mail, two WIP file folders, a quarter, a dime, a bottle of vitamins, and a set of batteries that need recharged. Okay, maybe it's not so bad, but it's clutter and represents some half finished thoughts and/or actions.

The Kindle should be INSIDE its case and the cord stored in the drawer with all the other gzillion chargers. Camera and cell phone should be in my purse, in their proper little pockets. The jump drive should be in the USB port where it can actually receive data. You get the drift.

Maybe it's a good thing to occasionally allow a little clutter to creep into our lives. Perhaps a vacation from inside responsibilities is as important as one from outside responsibilities. Looking at my desk this morning gives me an appreciation of the old saying, "a place for everything, and everything in its place." But you know what? They sky didn't fall because I didn't put two file folders away and put a little spare change in the old Jack Daniels bottle I use to collect coins. Even the Kindle lies in relative safety on top of its case far from the edge of the desk.

I'll finish this blog, pour another cup of caffeine, put everything away, and Swiffer the desk top. A symbolic clean sweep to end this "vacation." And those birthday cards? I'll save them for last so I can re-read each of them and say a little prayer of thanks for the sender, and what they mean to my life. I may just keep them on my desk for a few more days to keep my friends close in my heart. That's the kind of clutter I can live with.

KC Kendricks

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