Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Hard Habit to Break - Blogging

March 31, 2011

These days, blogging would be a hard habit to break. I’ve come to enjoy it, so much so that I signed up for the April 2011 A-Z Blog Event. Every day in April, except for Sundays, I’ll post an entry here at Between the Keys starting with the letter ‘A’ and ending on April 30th, with the letter ‘Z’.

I have a list, and a neat-o calendar you can scroll down to see. I hope to cover myriad subjects, and not just boring promo (but you know there will be some promo!). I hope you’ll stop by and read, and click on the little A-Z blogging button and check out some other great blogs such as Melissa’s Imaginarium. I’m kicking off event with a bit about how I came to blogging.

And now a little history…

As it happened in the Wayback Time, so many years ago it defies the memory of a woman of a certain age, I resisted blogging. It’s true. I didn’t want to fool with blogging. Writing kept me busy. When would I find time to blog? What the heck would I blog about?

We were all younger in the Wayback Time, and more foolish. A writer friend started a blog and asked me for an opinion of her first entry, and that, as they say, was that. If she could write about her dog, so could I since my dog is infinitely smarter, handsomer, and better behaved than any other dog ever. I moseyed over to Live Journal and signed up. It didn’t go well.

I didn’t take to blogging. There was no ‘like a duck to water’ moment for me. I felt so incredibly stupid, and foolish, telling the world how I came to writing that words fail me. I vowed I was done and the best thing to do was delete the blog. The only thing was, I couldn’t figure out how to delete a blog! So I sloughed ahead, and you know what? It got easier. And here I am. Blogging A-Z. Life is good.

I hope you'll stick with me this month. See you tomorrow with A Hard Habit to Break - The Book.



Melissa Bradley said...

Good luck tomorrow, KC! Can't wait to read your posts and see what all our fellow challengers have come up with.

KC Kendricks said...

The same back to ya! I'm so ready to get started. I love a challenge. But I will have to take the occassional break from reading blog to check Twitter. I'm following the Bronx Zoo cobra - from a safe distance, of course!