Sunday, March 6, 2011

Secrets of K-cup Coffee

Just before Christmas last year we decided it was time for a new coffee maker. The task of researching the best buy for our lifestyle fell on my housemate. I'm a Wri-tah. I don't have time for such mundane chores.

Aye. Right.

Truthfully, I didn't care what we ended up with as long as we got a new unit before the old one quit completely. You see, I've developed a condition whereby if I don't have coffee in the morning, I'm not safe to be around. Himself wanted a marriage of functional appliance and boy toy. As long as I get my fix, who am I to deny him life's little pleasures? He settled on a Cuisinart.

I was skeptical. Those little k-cup coffees are expensive, and I'm notoriously tight-fisted with my cash. Then there were the product reviews - not all of them glowed with praise for this product. My honey prevailed, mostly because he dipped into his rainy day stash and bought it without touching the household expense account.

We've had this gadget for about three months, and I confess coffee never tasted better. I've come to the conclusion single-brew is the way for me to go. I love Green Mountain Dark Magic, but it's very bold. I use one K-cup to brew sixteen ounces into an insulated travel mug and pour into a regular cup as desired. Hot coffee on demand for hours. I love it.

Brewing this way is sooo worth 50-cents a day for coffee. I've searched the Internet for good deals on k-cups. The Cafe Express works best for us right now, but I'm always alert to better bargains. We can use bag coffee with this brewer, too, if we so choose. Since I have no other vices, I probably won't.

There it is - my dirty little coffee addiction indulgence secret. I'm hooked on k-cups. Don't try to save me.


PS. My fears about the product reviews eased because the owner's manual makes it clear on how to avoid air bubbles and not burn up the pump.

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