Saturday, May 14, 2011

4.5 Divas for Beneath Dark Stars

May 14, 1011

With many thanks to Lasha at Dark Divas for her kind words:

Beneath Dark Stars is the sequel to The Back Stairs by KC Kendricks. Set six weeks after the original book, once again we enter the world of Fallon Roxbury and his shapeshifting lover, Sundown. In this installment we learn more about the Chal, the clan Sundown belongs to, and follow along while Fallon hunts down a serial killer.

As with the first book, KC Kendricks has created a unique being in Sundown as he is not your typical shapeshifter. Sundown’s back-story and origins are fascinating as is the relationship between Sundown and Fallon. Combine their super hot sex scenes with true love and caring, then add in some comical relief with Fallon’s police detective partner, Juny and you have an exceptional plot.

So if you like something a little rare in your m/m romance, then this series is for you. With its distinctive characters, amazing world-building and sexually charged love scenes, Beneath Dark Stars is a great read and hopefully we will get more from the author in this universe.

Rated 4 ½ Delightful Divas by Lasha

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To read an excerpt from Beneath Dark Stars, click here.

Gay romance with a paranormal shift
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