Sunday, July 1, 2012

Greeting July and Catching Up

July 1, 2012

I finally updated my website this morning. The Kendricks’ household has the worst DSL connection in the State of Maryland. Way to fucking go, Verizon, your service sucks. Our only other option is satellite, which, oh by the way, sucks worse. But I digress.

Arising early this Sunday morning - early being FIVE AM - I was able to actually publish updates to the website without the DSL cutting out and crashing the entire site. I suppose no one else in the county was up that early sucking away the bandwidth, because I didn’t have any problems. Hmmmm. Still digressing.

What can I say? Paying for services I can’t use on my terms pisses me off.

Where was I? Oh, yes. Website updates. New pages are up and/or under construction.

There are a couple of upcoming items in my world I need to start telling folks about. First up is To Hear You Sigh, a two-story paperback compilation with A Cat Named Hercules and Leather Jackets. As my paperbacks are available through Amazon, it’s a guess as to when it will be available, but it should be sometime soon. (To Hear You Sigh is out of print due to the closing of Amber Quill Press.)

Secondly, and more importantly, River Walk, the third installment of the Sundown saga will be available near the end of July. Fallon learns a lot more about Sundown’s people, maybe more than he wanted, and puts his and Juny’s careers on the line to save a kidnapped Chal nestling. And of course, Sundown has Fallon ready to pull his hair out over the things he does. Being a shapeshifter, Sundown sees the world a different way.
River Walk is a longer story and will also be available in paperback.

A question often asked is, “What are you working on?”  The short answer is…LOTS!!

Sundown book IV - Our shapeshifter needs a vacation so Fallon agrees for a weekend away. Mischief follows.

Amethyst Cove II - Our PI Ian Coulter has to find a stalker and while Rick might be physically gone from town for now, Ian still has his phone number.

Doors of Time - I’m not sure what to say about this one. I started it for an Amber Allure PAX entitled “That Old Gang of Mine” in which boyhood friends reconnect. Suddenly the powers that be think the word “gang” has too many evil connotations. It may not end up where it was headed, which is part of the PAX. It the title of the PAX gets changed, it likely won’t fit at all with all the “old gang” references my guys make.

Untitled - where an “older” man is pursued by a “younger” man. It’s not the May/December thing, but the language is limiting sometimes. One guy is older than the other by more than a few years but not enough to make it strange. No bigee.

And so it goes, Sunday, July 1, 2012. I’m off to take my dog down to play in the creek before he heads that way without me. Why should he have all the fun on a hot afternoon?

KC Kendricks

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