Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Passing it on

October 30, 2012

Usually I enjoy the rare weekday I get to spend at home. Being home as the result of a hurricane doesn’t fall into that category.

We all knew Hurricane Sandy was brewing and building in the Atlantic Ocean. We listened to the pseudo-celebrities who forecast the weather wax dramatic. We saw the radar imagines. And we began to cringe.

The first big storm I remember well was Hurricane Agnes in 1972. I was young enough to be spared the worry, but old enough to help bail water. In 1977, an unnamed storm filled my grandparent’s basement with water - all the way to ground level. And then came Isabel in 2003 - very bad. We were without power for 45 hours.  In 2004, Ivan paid us a visit.  Ike, in 2008 made a swing up from Texas to wet us down. Then came Irene’s fury in 2011. Storms named with an “I” definitely get my attention now. October 29, 2011, we had the freak snow that knocked out our electric for 55 hours and left us with a bigger mess to clean up than Isabel.

Comparatively, for us, Hurricane Sandy was almost a non-event. Thank you, Lord. The rains came and we had some minor flooding, but the worst of the wind missed us. We’re just - just - far enough east to miss the snow blanketing the higher elevations of the Appalachians, although I would not be surprised to see the odd snowflake.

The power stayed on and we remain warm, dry, fed and comfortable. Not so for thousands of other people. Some have suffered the loss of loved ones. Many are in shelters. Many have lost valued belongings. How can I, in my warm house, begin to know their experience?

I can’t. I would not presume to even think I can. What I can do, and will do, is lend financial support to provide aid. In my case, it will probably be through my house of worship. Money is tight, a fact we’re all too aware of, but I can spare a few dollars to help. Many small gifts combine into larger ones to do good.

I’m not after thanks, or to have anyone think I want a pat on the back. It’s not that at all.  You see, many years ago complete strangers came to my aid when I had a need. I can never thank them, but I can multiply and pass on their gifts. At the end of the day, for me, it’s the right thing to do.  

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Hugs and chocolate to you!