Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tybee Island musings

October 9, 2012

Vacationing is grand, but there's truly no place like home. Our trip to Savannah, Georgia went well. Actually, it was FAB and I can't wait to go back! Maybe we will in the spring when my partner's granddaughter graduates. It's difficult to know as June is a long way off. 

Historic Savannah is lovely. Unfortunately, my picture taking wasn't up to the task. I hesitate to say "my photography" because I took snapshots instead of photos, and crappy ones at that. Maybe if we go back in the spring, I'll take a decent camera. 

One of things we did was visit Tybee Island, which is much changed since the 1970's. The drive to Tybee was picturesque, and I'd like to say Tybee is a welcoming little island, but they make you pay for parking, so we didn't. We did pull over long enough for me to snap the Tybee Island Light Station, though. 

The Tybee lighthouse was ordered built by James Oglethorpe, founder of Savannah, in 1732 and has guided ship captains into the Savannah River ever since in spite of having been rebuilt several times following storms.

Tybee Island also seemed to have an overabundance of police cruisers. Hmmm... out of state car.... in the south..... Yep. Made me nervous. I kept hearing Vicki Lawrence singing in my head. So sorry, Tybee business people. I had money to burn but between having to pay for parking and the cops following me around for doing nothing, you didn't get any of it. Sure wish I could have got a few lighthouse castings to give to friends.

Or maybe not. 

Giving trinkets that need to be dusted on a regular basis isn't really a sign of friendship to women in my age group. I should have brought back wine.



Jeremy Bates said...

It's been a while since I have seen the Savannah area. The crime rate there is high, so perhaps it was either the cops checking you out or the CIA was tailing you.

Did you know the majority of was scenes pertaining to the Vietnam War are shot in that area?

Now you know (if you didn't already).

By the way, wine beats a trinket anyday.

KC Kendricks said...

Hi Jeremy! Thanks for stopping by Between the Keys.

No, I didn't know they filmed there, but it's an interesting fact. I can see how the marshes would lend themselves to movie making.

As for the CIA tailing me, I doubt it. I'm so not of interest to them. Now...the FBI....Nah. Not even them. None of the "letters" really give a hoot about me.

Now...if Gibbs were to tail me, I'd pull over and flag him down LOL!!!!!