Saturday, March 23, 2013

Earth Hour 2013

March 23, 2013
8:30 PM local time

For the past several years I've participated in the annual Earth Hour blackout. If you're not familiar with Earth Hour, it's a worldwide event sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund. The first Earth Hour took place in 2007 in Sidney, Australia, and spread around the world from there. During Earth Hour, participants "unplug" from the power grid in a symbolic gesture in support of caring for our planet. It's a simple idea that only looks complicated on the Internet. 

But as with all things that have political undertones, I think it's sometimes okay to tailor participation to your own needs. While Earth Hour is officially from 8:30 to 9:30 PM, I have a different plan to keep spousal whining from ruining my evening. Probably around 7:00 PM, just about the time dinner is ready, we'll light a candle, open a bottle of wine, and spend an hour at the dining room table having an old-fashioned conversation with our meal. I'm not sure what time zone we'll be joining, but I doubt it matters. Call it multi-tasking if you like.

Will we totally unplug from the power grid? Almost. Flipping the breaker on our sump pump would be stupid and we're not, but other than that, yes, we'll unplug. Will it impact our utility bill? I doubt it. But think about this. If one plus one equals two, and you multiply that by millions, will it have an impact somewhere? I think so, and the greater common good is why I do it.


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