Thursday, March 28, 2013

Huzzah!!! Season Five of Justified

March 28, 2013

Happy dance! Happy dance! The word just hit the airwaves that FX has renewed Justified for season five. (As if they'd dare not renew the best show they have on!)

I'm hooked on Justified. Yeah, yeah, Timothy Olyphant is pretty easy on the eyes but that's not the sum total of why I like the show. Sure I could follow in my friend Yvonne's pin-steps and devote a Pinterest board to him but she does an excellent job so I gaze at her pins. And he's not just nice to look at, the man is a fine actor. Raylan is an open enigma. Not just anyone can pull that off the way Tim does.

I like Nick Searcy whose character Art plays perfectly beside Raylan. Let's face it - Art was Raylan when he was younger. He had to be. How else would he understand Raylan so well? And Nick Searcy himself is a hoot. Check out his School of Acting if you get a chance.

Then there is Boyd Crowder. I can't imagine anyone other than Walton Groggins as Boyd. The man owns Boyd. Boyd is the kind of ... what the hell is Boyd? A villain? He's in a classification all his own in tv-land right but I guess we have to call him a "bad guy" even though he's simply BOYD. And yes, I hope Boyd and Ava manage to squirm out of their current situation and keep going.

Speaking of Ava - I like her. She takes up for herself (although not in ways I can recommend). It's the fact she stands up to those who want to bully and hurt her I like. If I had the chance to mentor her I'd work on her techniques. Soften a few edges. Teach her a little Klingon guile. Ava is a fast learner.

This year, season four, was maybe a bit slow building but knowing how the show is written I paid close attention. Bits and pieces of seemingly inconsequential information were doled out across the first episodes. Some characters were ominously absent. Clues were meticulously planted. Then the story lines began to converge in unexpected ways. The writer in me took notes.

Yes, I'm a big fan of Justified. Well done, guys!



Melissa Bradley said...

I like Justified, I just don't like the preggers chick. I think she and Raylan should have been dead and gone a long, long time ago. I can't stand when shows and books write pregnancy into the mix. It is such a cliche with the same tired, boring plot contrivances. Including this one. It's the weakest part of the show

KC Kendricks said...

I know. I don't care much for that thread, either. Yeah, sure, Raylan is looking for stability but the ex has already walked on him once and I'm not so sure she didn't just use him as a sperm donor.