Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Cat Named Hercules for My Sexy Saturday #30

December 21, 2013
**Updated 4/2/21 - the My Sexy Saturday blog hop has been discontinued.**

Welcome to the official start of Winter 2013. It's a toasty 50+ degrees in my neck of the woods - hardly what one would expect for the winter solstice. Since we can't do a thing about it, let's just enjoy it!

This is the next-to-the-last My Sexy Saturday of 2013, and probably my last time until January. Next Saturday is a full day, so I had to let go of something, and while it doesn't take much to schedule a blog, I have no hope of helping out on the promotion of #mysexysaturday next weekend, so I'll skip a week.

So with that said, let's get straight to the point of My Sexy Saturday and my seven sexy paragraphs from A Cat Named Hercules.


Gale opened his front door and moved back so I could step inside. Complimenting his choice of attire required breathing, and he’d knocked the air right out of me. Black slacks, a maroon and black long sleeved knit shirt in a classic argyle pattern, and loafers had never affected me like this before. I managed to speak the inane phrase.

“Wow. You look great.”

He smiled at me as he closed the door. “Thanks. So do you.”

Gale reached for me, then stopped. I hated to see his uncertainty. It was more proof he needed to do some living before he got serious about anyone, including me. I smiled and closed the distance between us, slipping my arms around his waist. Our lower bodies touched, then he leaned into me. His lips opened as my mouth covered his and I tasted the cinnamon freshness of chewing gum recently disposed of. He pulled away.

“What? You’re grinning.”

“I am. I just learned what gum you like.”

He rolled his eyes. “You’re a little nuts, aren’t you?”


Book five in the Men of Marionville series

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New in town, Shiloh Rudy joins a group of civic-minded volunteers to better acquaint himself with his recently adopted community. It’s a good way to make friends, network, and help make a difference, not to mention perhaps meet someone interesting  - in a romantic sort of way. The one thing Shiloh didn’t expect was a love to rival all others to come with four white paws.

Gale Widmyer is on his feet and moving forward after piecing his life back together following a series of wrong choices. In his darkest moments, the one bright spot in his existence was the fulfillment of his dream to become a veterinarian. Gale’s making good on a promise to himself when an abandoned kitten leads him to Shiloh Rudy and a chance at the happiness he never hoped to have.

Laying the cornerstone for a developing relationship comes easy for Shiloh and Gale. But the wounds of the past often remain unhealed at their deepest point. A few careless words erects a wall of silence between the two men, one Shiloh has to breach if he hopes to win Gale back. It will take more than apologies to win Gale’s forgiveness and put old fears to rest. It’ll take a cat named Hercules.

KC Kendricks
website at:


Natalija said...

I need to do some serious catching up. I'm 3 books behind in The Men of Marionville series. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

KC Kendricks said...

And there's another one coming about July/August 2014, too!

Thanks so much for stopping by Between the Keys!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you had me at the mention of the cat! Nice snippet :D

KC Kendricks said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog! It was really cool that the cover artist would use a photo of my cat for on the cover. I know he looks like a million other "tuxedo" cats, but I think he's special :)