Saturday, December 14, 2013

River Walk - KC Kendricks' My Sexy Saturday blog post

December 14, 2013
**Updated 4/2/21 - the My Sexy Saturday blog hop has been discontinued.**

Who doesn't like a mischievous shapeshifter?

For this My Sexy Saturday, I have seven "sexy" paragraphs from River Walk, in which Fallon and Sundown's relationship is tested by startling new facts about a cold case that has some bearing on how they met, a kidnapped nestling, and Sundown's jealousy over Fallon's new office assistant, Monte. Monte is straight and has a girlfriend, but Sundown doesn't understand how anyone wouldn't want Fallon. (It's a shapeshifter thing.)

I've enjoyed the Sundown series and am, in fact, working on the fourth installment this month and next. River Walk was a bit intense so the new one will be a bit more light-hearted. The cop and the shapeshifter will take a vacation together.  

So without more rambling, here's a bit from River Walk for My Sexy Saturday. Be sure to check out all the blogs on the list below.

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I wanted to say yes, but my inner voice, the smarter half of me, said he’d try and shadow me himself. “No. I know damn well you’d follow me around yourself. I won’t have you in danger trying to protect me.”

“You are wise, my beloved, and you know me well.”

I scrunched down under the covers, pulling him with me. “Try to remember you’re the one who said it. Now go to sleep.”

Sundown’s warm hand cupped the soft lump of my genitals. He sighed when nothing happened, but twice was all I could manage. “Do you dream of me, Fallon?”

“All the time, darling. Sometimes I spank you in my dreams.”

He laughed at my words and flipped over, his butt against my hip. I rolled onto my side and tucked him into the curve of my body. “Where do you go when you rest?”

 Sundown was silent for so long I thought he’d declined to answer, but he finally did. “I go with you, Fallon, to be sure you dream of me and not Mon-tee.”
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River Walk
gay romance with a paranormal shift

The Sundown Series
1) The Back Stairs
2) Beneath Dark Stars
3) River Walk
4)Moon Dances
5) Fly By Night

KC Kendricks


Sexy Erotic Xciting said...

I adore these two characters and look forward to reading the next installment.

Dakota Trace said...

Now I'm curious. What or who is a mon-tee? And damned if seeing two yummy guys snuggle down for sleep isn't sexy!

KC Kendricks said...

Sundown is a little jealous of Fallon's office assistant, Monte. He never says the name "Monte" the way it's normally pronounced. He always draws out the syllables. And as Fallon made Sundown promise to not change shape and frighten Monte, he can find it amusing.

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