Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring whispers

February 25, 2014

This has been a brutal winter. The mercury dipped to zero and snow, snow and more snow blanketed my part of the world. It seemed to drag down the spirit of everyone around me, and I could, with great empathy, relate to their feelings. 

It wasn't a fun winter for the two adults trapped together in a small house with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. It's a good thing we know when to shut the f*ck up or things could have gotten serious. 

The cat, normally a brave and determined hunter, elected to remain indoors and did with much unhappy wailing constrain himself to the indignity of using his basement litter box. The old, wise dog completed his forays into the white wilderness with amazing speed and agility for a pup his age. I did say he was wise. 

My car, a 2006 Charger that corners on rails and has a top speed of.... um... never mind... was rendered yard art by the snow. With only six inches of clearance I didn't even bother to start the engine with fourteen inches of snow blanketing my long lane. I like the spousal unit's pickup but driving it every day is not my first choice. Compared to the Charger, it wallows like a hippo, but it does push the snow out of the way.

But, wait! There are signs of spring around me! 

The maple trees have pushed out tiny red tips (I'll be sneezing soon). The daffodils and tulips have broken ground and there was a flock of robins in my yard when I arrived home from work yesterday afternoon. Now if I could only spot a crocus in bloom, I'd know for sure spring lurks just one warm day away. 

KC Kendricks


Decadent Kane said...

Beautifully written. I am so ready for spring to come.

New follower getting a jump start on the A-Z challenge and checking people out.

Decadent Kane (blog)

KC Kendricks said...

Thanks! And thanks for stopping by Between the Keys. You're going to love doing the A-Z Challenge. It's really a lot of fun. Use blogger's schedule feature. It's a lifesaver some days!