Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ah, vacation

May 24, 2014

My annual spring vacation started two days ago and I'm only now sitting down at the computer to do some work. That includes checking to make sure I emailed my bi-monthly entry over to Brenda Williamson for her An Eclectic Author blog. I think I did it, but I'm second-guessing myself this morning. I'm also telling myself I'm going to do more work than that but we'll have to wait and see what I actually accomplish on the writing front today. The good news is I may get a lot done because my knees and back are really stiff after what I subjected them to over the course of the last two days. 

Even more good news is my hardwood floor looks fan-fucking- tastic. You'll have to pardon me that I don't have a photo. It's an oak hardwood floor. It looks like a floor. But after two coats of a finish restorer, it's a gleaming work of art and I did it myself. The spousal unit took off to spend a few days with his brother and with him out of the house it was the perfect time to tackle a project that big. The most difficult part was the drying time between applying two coats of the product. With furniture stacked willy-nilly and the wet floor, I couldn't get to either front door or kitchen door and had to go in and out of the house via the sunroom. Not a problem, though.

With the end of May comes the beginning of the blooming season. I've scaled back my garden considerably in recent years due to the local deer. Ever read that a plant is "deer resistant?" Ha! My deer can't read but they can eat. This year the Gillian Blades clematis is full and lovely again. I thought I'd killed it when I moved it a few years ago but it proved the old gardener rule of three when you plant something permanent like a clematis. First year sleep, second year creep, third year leap. 

I have a much better view out the window since I got the new desk. The backyard is full of shafts of sunlight that entice me to go outside and sit on the terrace instead of write but I will stand firm in my resolve to get the words on the page  - at least until the temperature makes it to seventy. The writer needs some fresh spring air to stay motivated. 

What's the current work-in-progress? We're going back to Ian Coulter's Amethyst Cove. Ian and Rick each have a case that overlaps the other and both seem to involve movie star Saylor Blackwood. And you know how happy (not) that will make Rick since he thinks Saylor is much too fond of Ian. 

I'd better get to work if I want to get a chapter finished today. I'll be blogging again in a day or two! 


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