Monday, May 26, 2014

Kicking it old school

May 26, 2014

I enjoy my little corner of the world. Living "rural" isn't just where I live, it's a way of life. With that said I also enjoy all the modern electronic gadgets I can get my paws on. Computers, smart phone, Kindles, iPods, Bluetooth, laptops... Well, I used to have a laptop.

Sure, it was a dinosaur. It didn't even have an internal wireless card. I had to stick a "card" in the slot to go Wi-fi. It was my patio companion. It was my picnic table companion. I took it outside and did the digital version of scribbling down ideas.

A list here. A partial scene there. Some eye candy that I swear I don't know HOW it could have gotten there....

Do you know what happens when you drop an eleven year old laptop on a concrete patio?

You go back to kicking out the ideas old school with pad and pen.

KC Kendricks

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