Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Chilly Situation

August 16, 2014

If you're a long-time visitor here at Between the Keys you already know I enjoy living in the woods. I'm very blessed to have three acres of land to call my very own but with that blessing comes a duty of stewardship. I pay attention to the flora and fauna on my patch of paradise. It's not like I can do a lot but clean up the debris if a tree falls in my woods, but I at least I am aware it happened. 

In the midst of the outcries about global warming we're having a very cool summer here in western Maryland. In my particular realm there is some snickering regarding the political silence on the matter. And you must allow us our snark because, you see, my compatriots and I live a mere ninety or so miles northwest of the hottest air found on the planet, that being the real source of "global warming" - the incessant talking of the Capitol Hill politician. We suffer from something akin to radiation exposure from the gases they expel. 

I wonder if they've finally shut the fuck up because it was a mere fifty degrees on the patio this morning. 

That I can't drink my first cup of coffee on my patio in the middle of August is virtually unheard of. And I was really looking forward to those fifteen minutes of peace and solitude before I start what will be a Saturday full of activity. Spending quiet time watching my world turn from a dusky grey-green to glowing green-gold as the sun comes up is one of life's simple pleasures. I'm going to miss it this morning and it doesn't please me.  

But never mind what I think about this chilly morning. You should ask my cat his opinion. While I at least stepped outside to take a look around, he retreated the moment his little pink paw pads hit the cold concrete. He looked up at me and screeched his unhappiness. I'm not sure what he thinks I can do about it but obviously I'm to come up with a solution. Seriously - does he look happy to you? I'm going to have  to deal with His Majesty's displeasure until the mercury hits at least seventy. It's going to take a lot of cat crack, er, Mix-up treats, to fix this. 

The first cup of coffee is gone and it's time I find a sweatshirt so I can begin my outside tasks. We're leaving on a day jaunt mid-morning and there are potted flowers to water, a pool filter to change, tomatoes to pick, and hummingbird feeders to replenish before I go, not to mention finding a way to put the cat in a happier frame of mind.

A sweatshirt. In August. It's certainly a chilly situation. 



Christiane France - Author said...

We're having the same cool summer weather up here in the Niagara area. This is the first year I can remember that we haven't turned the a/c on even once. As for picnics and walks down along the Bay. Forget it!

KC Kendricks said...

We needed the A/C in May, June and July but so far in August we've had the windows open instead. We can hot days up into October, though.