Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sundry things for a Sunday

August 3, 2014

Yesterday my family gathered and it was good. All the cousins and kids were there except one who had to work and we certainly forgive his absence. Our young widower came and I don't know if we did well by him by not speaking much of his loss but taking our cues from him, we remained silent to allow him peace in our midst. The women had a new baby coming soon to speculate about and the men spent time in the driveway trash talking each other's new rides.

As chance would have it, my honey's family reunion was also yesterday. He joined us for a meal then traveled to his to play poker with his brothers. It's the first time I've missed his family reunion in twenty years but I think I can manage the absence.

On the writing front, I finally finished the short story. I started it months ago and it sort of floated in and out of focus as I worked on other projects. Because it features a trio of canines, I started calling it "Lick Me." I'm not at all convinced I should title it that but I'm afraid it's going to stick.  

With Lick Me finished (oh, God, it IS going to stick...) it's time to line up the ducks in a neat row. They won't stay there, but I refuse to give up making the attempt to keep things orderly. 

Up next is "Ace, Deuce, Trey." Savvy readers will guess correctly that with Deuce in the title it's the third installment in the Ian Coulter's Amethyst Cove series. Ian and Rick's cases overlap when a thief/con artist targets Ian's client.

Sundown, Fallon and Juny have caught a lead on an old cold case. Local history, a crooked politician, a skeleton and a burned body figure into the mix. It could be that the shapeshifting Chal have information dating back to 1850 that can link everything together. Fallon and Juny just have to pry it out of Sundown. It might be easier this time since Sundown is looking for reasons to avoid his tiny doppelganger.   

I jumped into a trio of PAXes for next year, too. The first one is about lovers reuniting (a fave theme of almost everyone). The second PAX is called Texas Roundup so you know a cowboy type is going to figure into that one. My story for that one is called "Ride Your Luck." Then I got sideswiped by the third PAX. Three of us authors had our names on this for so long I didn't think it would ever fly but finally two more of the group signed up and the Beachcombers PAX is now a go. 

Then there is a story hot off the idea board. I had a different title for this blog and as soon as I typed it in I knew it was perfect for a story. So I changed the blog title to something more mundane. 

With all these plot lines, blurbs and character bios to develop, I think it's time to grab a second cup of coffee and a notepad and head for the patio. I really must replace my old laptop (RIP old friend). Maybe the next royalty check can cover a new toy. 

May you also enjoy the day doing something you love. 


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