Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Ghost Wore Denim - cover reveal

September 17, 2014

It's time for something new! A new cover for a new story - The Ghost Wore Denim.

It seems that not every ghost is a spooky ghost. Some can be downright helpful as our heroes Michael and Colin find out. Christiane France and I hope you'll enjoy The Ghost Wore Denim. 

We enjoyed working on the project together and think the finished story turned out pretty darn good.

Look for The Ghost Wore Denim on October 4 or 5. It sorta depends on when the powers that be at Amber Allure push the button to send the book live. Join my mailing list to receive a notification because I watch closely for the release and send a post. (Join button is on the left side of your screen.)

So now here's a little more about The Ghost Wore Denim:

Michael Brooks had it all mapped out. The market was ripe for him to flip a few houses to supplement his income as an untenured professor at the local college. His plan took a detour when he found a two-story Colonial perfect for a Bed & Breakfast – with a ghost who wears denim.

Deputy Colin Jefferson is a hometown boy who made good. As a member of the local police force he serves the community he loves. He’s heard stories about the Taylor Mansion ghost all his life. Maybe he’s even seen it a time or two, if he believed in that sort of thing.

And Colin has to believe when the ghost pays a visit and Michael asks for his help.


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