Saturday, November 29, 2014

An excerpt from Highway Nights for #MSS#70

November 29, 2014

The weeks go by fast. I went to sign up for the weekly My Sexy Saturday blog hop and discovered it had reached its 70th edition. It's been around longer than that but has had the occasional hiatus. That the blog hop came back stronger after the last one is a testament to its popularity.

So...for #MSS70 I finally settled on a seven paragraph excerpt from Highway Nights. I want to mention Highway Nights got a 4 Heart review at The Romance Studio in which the reviewer closed with, "I liked it a lot." I thought it simple, perfect praise.


“I’ll walk you to your car.” Oliver slid out of the booth and leaned over the counter. “Hey, Murf, I’m stepping outside.” He slipped his arm around Garrett’s waist and rested it on the small of his back.

Garrett shivered at Oliver’s warm touch. The action was so relaxed and easy, he’d not seen it coming, but the contact instantly felt normal, and he regretted the loss of it as Oliver opened the door for him. Garrett’s pulse quickened as they approached his car. Dare he risk a goodnight kiss? He dug his keys out of his pocket and pushed the button. The headlights flashed. Instead of opening the driver’s door, Oliver leaned against it. In slow motion, his hands lifted and reached for Garrett.

“Stop in again sometime, Garrett.”

Garrett took a step to close the distance between them. He slipped his arms around Oliver’s neck and pressed tightly to him, thigh-to-thigh. “I’ll do that.”

Heat flashed through him as he slanted his mouth across Oliver’s. His body responded forcefully. His groin tightened as his cock swelled. Part of his brain registered the man’s soft lips and wiry mustache, and the lingering taste of coffee. All higher function faded as Oliver kissed him back, his mouth moving gently under his. All too soon, Oliver pulled back. He ran his thumb over Garrett’s lower lip. 

Garrett flexed his hips forward, testing. Enticing. Oliver shook his head. “Just because I’m hard and you’re hard doesn’t mean we’re going to go get stupid.”

Oliver was right, but stupid appealed to him at the present moment. “How about getting naked?”


Highway Nights is available at Amazon and other fine online booksellers. 

A little more about Highway Nights:

Garrett Webb has a five-point plan for starting his own business. To keep it on track, he takes a second job and settles into the evening delivery run between Owensville and Mt. Franklin. The solitude of being on the road clears his head and enables him to chart a better future for himself. When a foggy night sends him to the safety of The Downshift Diner and its owner, Oliver Sanderson, that future takes an unforeseen turn.

Oliver Sanderson enjoys a quiet life along the lonely stretch of highway that’s home to his diner. The road brings all manner of interesting souls to his door. When Garrett Webb steps out of the fog seeking shelter, his openness and honestly draws Oliver’s interest. He’s ready to take the next step, but needs to be cautious. Trouble is coming to the diner, and Oliver wants Garrett clear of it.

Good intentions can’t hold out against their budding attraction. Garrett makes the diner a regular stop during his nightly run, and the men get better acquainted. But Garrett’s past isn’t done with him. In a single heart-stopping moment, Garrett is forced to a decision that risks Oliver’s life—one that could end forever their highway nights.

KC Kendricks

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