Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Hint of Spring

March 14, 2015

In less than a week Spring officially arrives. Living in the country, I grew up in the midst of weather-watchers. Now to tie those two things together, the first day of Spring occurs on the vernal equinox and the equinox means rain. The gardeners in the family, which means most of us, know this. 

It's raining today. A slow, steady, soaking rain that's going to leave my tiny patch of the planet very soggy. There's already been some fall out from all this water. Or perhaps I should say "fall down" as in another section of the terrace wall collapsed. It's going to be a big repair now. 

Based on the amount of deer tracks in that area, I suspect the deer had something to do with the collapse.They don't usually come that close to the house and I rather hope this isn't the beginning of a trend. 

Even with the grey skies and squishy ground, I can sense Spring's approach. There's something in the air. A hint of warmth. A teasing scent of new growth. And in very short order, many of us will be sneezing as the maple trees suddenly bud. 

But enough staring out the window watching the rain. It's Saturday and that means I have much to do. It may be wet outside but in the country there are still things that need tended. 

I don't mind. There's a hint of Spring in the air. 


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