Sunday, March 22, 2015

Stat Curious and Techie Talk - What does it mean?

March 22, 2015

Here in the USA we really like our numbers. Maybe it's not just a cultural thing. For all I know it could be global. My sympathies to the rest of the world if it is, because here in the States we are truly addicted. 

I check my blog stats from time-to-time for no real reason other than to avoid what I should be doing which is basically anything other than looking at the blog stats. But with the 2015 A to Z Challenge about to start, I thought I should take a snapshot and see if some of the numbers hold. And while this is a snapshot of a moment in time, it's an indication of trends. 

For example, Windows is the clear winner in the OS department. That's not a surprise. What I do find curious is that Firefox still has such a lead over Chrome. And poor little Opera isn't even mentioned. (Is it still in use at all?) And what the heck is PhantomJS? Never heard of it. 

At one time I used Firefox at work but even with my security settings pegged one notch above paranoid the thing still accepted every creepy toolbar that was flung at it. It drove me nuts! According to the stats, and the fact IE is being phased out, perhaps I should give it another look. Maybe newer versions have learned how to just say no to toolbars. 

The other thing I'm very, and I mean VERY, curious about is Linux. My old XP computer with the fab speakers is stashed in the den with a boatload of music on it. Now that was a processor like none other, not like this cheap piece of crap I've been using for the last year. I've been talking to the new kid, the millennial, at work about Linux. He mentioned he was pretty sure I could replace XP with Linux on that machine. The thought of having that absolute beast of a machine under my fingertips again is almost orgasmic. 

Do you see what I mean about avoidance? I need to go do some writing while the house is quiet. 


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