Thursday, October 22, 2015

Horror-scope and the co-worker

October 22, 2015

Having arrived at a place in my life where I'm blessed with a good bit of vacation, I'm taking a long weekend. I had two unscheduled days to get in by the end of this calendar year or lose them. And I'm not about to lose them. 

One of the things with taking vacation days is a person has to work like a dog to cram five days work into four. It doesn't seem fair. That's the sort of thing that will get "the boss" to thinking you can take on extra work. Moral of this thought - always leave a little something on the desk when you take vacation. Just pick the right thing. 

I like to read the daily horoscopes. I don't believe or disbelieve but I do think it's interesting when one hits the mark. Today's is good advice for everyone - don't take the bait. 

I deal daily with a little old woman who constantly baits people. She's annoying. Her modus operandi is to tell half the truth then stand back and watch who makes a fool of themselves. Did I mention she's annoying? 

So here's the thing for today. She was in my office, first thing this morning, and "reported" on a meeting she was a part of. Oh, yeah. Little did she know I'd already gotten the minutes, spoken with our CEO and the other person in the meeting. (She still doesn't know.) I listened to her and watched her face. Yep. She was trying to play me into saying something I shouldn't. 

I know her and I know better. I kept quiet. She left, probably a little pissed off at me, but so be it. I least I won't have to waste any of my weekend worrying about her spreading gossip with my name attached to it. 

Then I read my horoscope. Nailed it. 

Gemini 5/21-6/21

You could be in for quite a wonderful surprise today as something totally unexpected grabs your attention. However, don't move too fast if you feel a knot in the bottom of your stomach. What you see is not the whole story and trusting your intuition can save you from yourself. Ultimately, it's not a good idea to take the bait unless you are ready to go on a ride to points unknown. Stop moving for a minute, block out the noise and re-establish your center. The answer will be crystal clear once you listen to your heart.


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