Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's a 4.5 review for Hot August Comes

October 15, 2015

I actually enjoyed this story quite a bit. I was not surprised however, because KC has always given you stories that just seem to flow just off the pages. - Pixie at MM Good Book Reviews

First off my thanks to Pixie for her kind words! I appreciate that she took the time to read Hot August Comes, and to note there's a bit of humor in it. Drama is one thing, but it can get a bit dry if the author doesn't lighten up every so often. I'm glad she noticed. 

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A bit about Hot August Comes: 

Leo Corbin shook the dust of Westfall off his shoes to pursue opportunities among the bright city lights. When his mother suddenly dies, Leo returns home to settle her estate. His grief at her passing quickly turns to shock at what she left behind and rekindles old questions about the identity of his father.

Harrison Wade stuck by his father to help run the family farm. Life for a gay man in Westfall has limitations, but Harrison knows how to make the best of them. When Leo Corbin returns to town, Harrison’s quiet existence tilts. Leo is the guy who put an end to the high school bullying Harrison endured so many years ago. Harrison quickly discovers his old boyhood crush on Leo has matured into an adult attraction.

As the mercury rises, Harrison and Leo’s friendly buddy arrangement heats up. When hot August comes to Westfall, they discover home is more than where a man hangs his hat. It’s where he gives his heart.

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