Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sounds like the plan

November 28, 2015

Writing is more than the creative muse. There are business aspects that are unwise to ignore. If the writing generates income, it needs to be handled in a way the IRS deems appropriate, at least for those of us in the United States. To claim business expenses, we need to prove we're actively involved in said business. I have a log of my time going back for years. I use a spreadsheet, creating one worksheet per year. I can't believe it's time to prepare a sheet for 2016. 

I can't believe it's time to get the Christmas cards ready, either, but that's another blog. And the Final Countdown app on my phone says only 26 days until Christmas. How the heck did that happen???

Being a holiday weekend, and Thanksgiving over for another year, I've been pondering what I can [realistically] accomplish between now and the new year. My spread sheet says I published eight stories this year. Two more are "in the pipeline" and a third is waiting for the second part of the story to gel so I can finish it. I should be content with all that but I find I'm not. 

Wanting to revisit the Marionville setting, I can easily bounce a story from each pair of guys. That's eight stories. I have another Ian Coulter story underway, and then there's the third Levi and Stacy story I've been wanting to do for years but the PAX program kept getting in the way. 

All this is why I can't wait to retire and be a full-time writer. I can't say I'll actually be able to write for the entire forty-five hours a week I'll gain, but I'll be able to utilize a chunk of it. 

I think between now and the new year my best use of time is in the planning of my time. Working out story details, character bios, and fleshing out ideas is as important as the writing of prose. It's the beginning of the process. 

There's something new to learn, too. The My Sexy Saturday group has added Triberr and I've no clue how that works. So even if I'm not writing, I'm going to be busy laying a firm foundation for 2016. Sounds like the plan. Stay tuned.

KC Kendricks

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