Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Ghost Wore Denim

February 13, 2016

Having a ghost in the background might be an odd choice for Valentine's Day weekend, but here we are. I think anytime two people meet and fall in love is special. It's their very own Valentine's Day.

So here are seven sexy paragraphs from The Ghost Wore Denim for this My Sexy Saturday.

* * *

“No.” He gave me a lazy grin and pressed his knee a little harder against my leg. “Just something I learned from my high school history teacher and never forgot.”

“I imagine it also holds true in your job as a police officer. Especially when you’re dealing with conflicting witness statements.”

“You got that right. Half a dozen witnesses can result in half a dozen different stories.”

The lights dimmed and the speakers buzzed a split second before the music started. It was an old classic—soft, sultry and aimed at getting those interested, in the mood for a little closer contact. “You like to dance?” Colin inquired.

“Depends who’s doing the asking.”

“Me.” He pushed back his chair, got to his feet and reached for my hand. “You’ll like it. I promise.”

The moment we stepped onto the floor and Colin positioned me firmly against his body, any doubts I may have had as to his intentions were made crystal clear. He wanted me and the feeling was one-hundred-percent mutual. He was right. This was exactly what I liked. And when his lips brushed mine and I felt his arousal pressing hard against me. I liked it enough to reconsider my position on taking things slow and easy.

The Ghost Wore Denim
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KC Kendricks


Angelica Dawson said...

Great tease. Thanks for sharing.

Angelica Dawson said...

Great tease. Thanks for sharing.

Alexis Duran said...

Nice! I vote for fast and hard too.

Naomi Shaw said...

Great tease. I'd love to read more

KC Kendricks said...

Thanks for stopping by Between the Keys! Christiane and I worked hard on this series. It was a wonderful learning experience for both us. What surprised us was how seamless our styles flowed together to create the story. We're scheming up a few new ideas for the future, once we get settled with other publishers:) Amber Quill closing won't end our partnership.