Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Kendricks 700

February 7, 2016

Seven hundred blog posts. 

I suppose hitting 700 could be considered a milestone of sorts. I don't really know. I knew it was coming and just like those other numbers with the zeros, I wondered what profound bit of blogging wisdom I could share. Hmmm. 

Wisdom is a fleeting thing. One day you have it and the next it's gone. My world is in transition mode. So many things I thought were clear are now muddied through no actions of my own. 

My mother will need increasing care, as will my stepfather. I've dithered about early retirement and now I may not have a choice. The publishing industry is going down in flames and the Phoenix rising from the ashes is the indie author. 

Wisdom? I have none. 

What I do have is a willful determination to keep going. Progress may not be fast, or even steady, but each step forward is a victory. So forward I go. For me, giving up and/or resting on my laurels are not options. 

Like so many days, there is much to do and not enough minutes to accomplish it all. Like so many days, I need to pick and choose where my time and energy are spent. Maybe blogging isn't the best choice, but the 700th blog post wouldn't wait. 

My thanks to all of you for coming along for the ride. Where are we going next? Stay tuned. We can figure it out together. 


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