Monday, December 19, 2016

Test driving temptation

December 19, 2016

If you're lucky, once in your life you'll have a love affair with a true bad boy. 

Mine started in 1989 and ended in 1992. 

I met JRH at our place of employment. It wasn't like we took one look at each other and turned into animals. Nope. Nothing like that. 

It started small. I worked there first. He was the new guy in the yard. He walked into my office and greeted me with a big smile. 

"Hey, doll," was his opening volley and from that day on, he always greeted me like that. The other girls in the office snickered but I think they were jealous. That and they didn't understand the connection J and I had. We were country folk. Mountain born and bred. We spoke a different language from the city girls.

Sometime during the summer of 1989, I needed a new kitchen faucet installed. I asked him if he could stop by the house and do it for me. He did, and we sat on the porch and talked until midnight. After that, he'd stop in from time-to-time and we'd talk. By the end of that year, things between us really heated up. 

I knew from the start it wasn't forever. What we wanted in life was poles apart. He played hard and drank harder. Not what I want in a mate. But, oh, did the man tempt me, and apparently, I did the same to him. We knew the shortcut into temptation and we took it. 

We crammed a lot of fun into a short time. Did I love him? Of course, but being "in love" with him never happened. Even sitting next to him on the porch, I knew. I was restless for something different. 

Eventually, he asked me to marry him. I said no. He started to drift away. I was sad, but I understood. Life went on, but I still look back at those few months with a real bad boy and smile. We told each other secrets, you know. 

Sometimes a girl has to say "yes" to temptation.

KC Kendricks 

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