Friday, May 5, 2017

A Change of Venue

May 5, 2017

Having a dedicated home office is a big perk of being a writer. What's not to love about having one's own space? Since the day we got our first PC, "the computer room" has been in a spare bedroom. When I was first published, I knew I needed a proper workspace.

For many years I worked with cobbled-together furniture. Years. From 2003 until 2014. Three years ago I splurged on decent office furniture and I still love it. It's Mission style, with clean lines that compliment a country chic decor. It turns out, that's a really good thing.

Being that I confess all here at Between the Keys, I suppose I can confess I snapped one evening about two weeks ago. The ballgame was on the tv and Himself was yelling. Deuce was under my desk looking unhappy and I certainly was not pleased with the noise. I'd had a stressful day at work and I wanted QUIET. 

I announced to the house and anyone listening, I was moving to the sunroom. That is to say that, in effect, I was leaving home. The sunroom is an addition to the house, you see. It started life as a small open porch, then it got a roof, and then it was enclosed to be my private sitting room.  I decided it would be my new office space. 
It took thirteen days for me to move all the furniture, install new cordless mini-blinds, and purchase a new daybed for what is once again a spare bedroom. This afternoon I put the finishing touch on the new office. I placed my late grandmother's favorite "hurricane" lamp on the credenza and plugged it in. I think it very appropriate my office has that lamp and my great-grandfather's desk. They remind me of where I came from. 

I've not written much while all the household upheaval took place, but the space is private, sunny, and especially quiet. Deuce has claimed his spot at the sliding glass doors where he can watch for deer and keep an eye on me. I have a Mason jar full of Griller treats in the drawer for him. Strangely enough, the square footage of the room is exactly the same as the room I just vacated. It feels bigger because it's windows on three sides. It's almost like I'm sitting outside. Very cool. 

It's difficult to say whether or not this move to a room of wood and glass will be a boost to my spirits. Perhaps I won't know for sure if this move was the right thing to do until I've weathered all the seasons in my new digs. It could be the long winter evenings will be too long, and too dark, to enjoy being one with the trees. We shall see. 


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