Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Ghost at the B&B - cover reveal

May 31, 2017

Author Christiane France and I collaborated on a couple of projects. We've each taken a project to call our own, and I'm pleased to say those projects are ready to be published. 

So coming soon - The Ghost at the B&B and The Escort. 

The Ghost at the B&B is set in Lightfoot, Virginia, which just outside of Williamsburg. I love the area and visited there yearly until my mother could no longer make the trip. 

The Escort has a metropolitan setting, which Chris is more familiar with. The Ghost speaks to my stronger points and The Escort to hers so that's the way we split them. 

Not to brag, but I made both covers. The house in the background of The Ghost's cover is the main house at Farmer's Delight Plantation. My niece did a large chunk of the archival work there and I was able to visit once. It's a lovely estate. 

We're uploading and preparing to publish our collaborations. Stay tuned for news of availability coming very soon!

KC Kendricks

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