Wednesday, January 31, 2018

How to fix a dead processor

Image result for computer processor dellJanuary 31, 2018

I've been remiss about blogging this month. As January comes to a close, it seems like a good time to explain myself.  Yes, I've participated in the MidWeek Tease blog hop, but that's promo. And yes promotion is a big part of why I have a blog. Beyond that, blogging keeps me focused on my writing life. 

Hmmm. One could conclude from that I've been focused this January and didn't need to take a look and explore where I am. That's only partially correct. 

Getting Twice Removed From Yesterday out was definitely the high point of the month. And just when I'm cruising on a new story, along comes the computer gremlin. It didn't hit me, thank goodness, but it sure as hell zapped the spousal unit. 

Oh, my God, have you ever seen a grown man whimper? It's not a pretty sight. 

I tried to save his old processor by hitting a restore point. No good. So I did a recovery reset. Even worse. A ten-year-old processor is a ten-year-old processor and when it's dead, it's dead. It's time to yank the hard drive out and play Taps. Thank goodness the man has the important *stuff* backed up. 

I'd hoped he'd be able to use the laptop for a couple of weeks, but he doesn't like a laptop any better than I do. It seems we're both spoiled by unmoving flat surfaces and the ability to scroll with one hand. Imagine that. 

Soooo, with my honey in computer crisis mode, I did the only thing I really could do. I offered him my old processor effective upon receipt of a new processor for me. A one time only good deal that will cost him nothing but an HDMI to VGA adapter for one of my monitors. 

You know he said yes. With any luck, it will arrive tomorrow and all will be happy again at my humble domicile. 

KC Kendricks

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