Thursday, May 24, 2018

Ah, vacation

May 24, 2018

My spring vacation is a high point in my year. From January 2 to the Friday before the Memorial Day holiday, I don't take time off the day job. Who wants to take vacation time when it's cold, snowy and/or wet outside? Not me. I'm not crazy. 

As of 4:00 PM this afternoon, I'm "off" for ten days. I've already completed two items on my to-do list. Small things to be sure but it feels great to have two lines drawn on the list. 

Tomorrow we're up early to head to town to run a few errands. And cross off a few items. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are rest days. Days to just hang out and not concentrate on chores. We'll probably do something just keep boredom at bay, but no stress. Next Tuesday, the weather will dictate what we do next. 

It'll feel good to get some of the home and garden projects finished. That's what vacation time is for - to make us feel better. Heck, I might even get some writing done!

To each their own. 


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