Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Maybe I'm blogging incorrectly

May 2, 2018

I wonder if I'm blogging correctly. Maybe I need to ramble a bit more. They say content is king. Hmmm. Why can't content be a Queen? 

Being a fan of the headlines, I scroll down and read most of what Yahoo's homepage offers. I rarely read the articles because I detest having to click through to read the content and it seems like everyone is using that annoyance these days. Yes, even here at Between the Keys there is a click through to an expanding private realm full of personal pages and book excerpts.

Those backdoor pages are a work in progress and always will be. I work on them as time permits but I'm getting there. Okay. I'm adding content. Is it the correct content? Who knows? I think a lot of this stuff is a crap shoot.

What's the content in the headlines today? Sinkholes Plague Florida Neighborhood. Old Tweet Comes Back to Haunt Trump. Kayne Talks Slavery. Meghan Markle's Royal Allowance. 

Jeez. Is this really relevant content? I don't know. I'll confess to a curiosity about Meghan Markle and why a well-paid actress would need an allowance except she apparently has a liking for expensive clothes. And she is required to look tidy. Did the headlines mention little Princess Charlotte turns three today? Why, no. It's too much a happy thought. 

Sinkholes in Florida? I told my BFF not to move there. 

Trump tweeting? Not going there.......Not gonna go there.....Nope.....

So what about publishing news? That is the biz I'm in. Should I exclude everything else of interest in the world in favor of publishing? Maybe. 

It's a point to ponder while I sort out ways to better make content a Queen. 


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