Wednesday, June 13, 2018


June 13, 2018

I suppose I'm easily amused. Back on March 30, the odometer in the Charger rolled up to 44444.  I took a picture and stopped to play combinations of 4 in the lottery. I didn't win anything, but I helped make someone's dreams come true. At least, I hope I did. 

Today I hit the next number - 45678. It's kinda cool so I pulled over and took a quick picture. Not bad mileage for a 2011 model car considering the national average per car is 15,000 miles a year. According to that figure, I should have upwards of 100,000 miles on the car. Huh.

Part of me wants to stop by my insurance agent's office and shove my cell phone straight up his arse, picture and all. They will not drop my annual driving to below 7500 miles. I've had the car three years and only about nineteen thousand of those miles are mine. Do the math... that's just a tick above six thousand miles a year. Insurance companies are greedy money grabbers. But enough of my bitching about it. I've got another thousand dollars in dividends accumulated and I'm pulling it out after my anniversary date. I'll throw it at my money guy and he'll make more money with it than the insurance agency does. 

I'm not sure how to convert 45678 into a lottery win but I'm going to think on that between now and quitting time. Who knows? It might be my dreams coming true for a change.

KC Kendricks
(do you sense a pattern here?)

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