Sunday, September 9, 2018

Highway Nights new cover

September 9, 2018

This morning I needed to take a break from the work-in-progress, Steel Wheels. The words are flowing so fast my rear-end was numb from sitting in the chair! In my own defense of myself to myself for sitting so long, all I can say is we're in the middle of a torrential rain. What else could I do except write? (No, vacuuming the floor was not an option.)

Needing to be productive, I reworked the Highway Nights cover.  It's not a great change but it's a good one.

Back in the days of publishers, the author filled out a number of forms with each book. The cover art form asked the author to describe her/his vision for the cover. With Highway Nights, I had a picture of headlights at night and I sent that along with the form. I can't imagine Highway Nights without those headlights. Cover art belongs to the publisher but that photo did not. When I went indie, I reused the photo. And here it is again only this time I've added a diner which fits the storyline. 

I've heard some indie authors bemoan how difficult it is to get a good cover. Learning how to make your own gives you an edge. As your photoshopping skills improve, it's easy to improve on early covers. 

Is this the best cover I've ever created? Probably not. But it's as good as any I got from a publisher's cover artist and all the reworking of it cost me was a bit of perseverance. 

KC Kendricks

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