Thursday, November 15, 2018

And then it snowed

The view ahead on the way home 11/15/18 at 10 AM
November 15, 2018

I've been MIA for the last ten days. It seems like everything in my sphere needed a spin or a brake applied. Just when it seemed I was getting control back, it snowed. A lot. Don't misunderstand me - I like snow days. It's just I've got a lot to do at the moment.

Last week the spousal unit had a consultation at the University of Maryland. His surgery is scheduled for December 14. Happy Holidays, anyone? He'll be there a week and then go to a rehab facility for at least a week. I've promised Deuce ice cream to ease our separation anxiety. 

We've been apart some over the last twenty-five years. He's had other surgeries. He's gone to visit his brothers while I stayed home to take care of the dog. I've attending writing conferences and such on my own. I guess I'm not looking forward to this because of the time of year. I'll be alone for Christmas for the first time since 1992. I think I've gotten used to the man being around. But if it snows for Christmas, I'll be fine. Between the pickup and the John Deere, Deuce and I won't be stuck. 

My work-in-progress languishes. I've not opened the file in two weeks. Perhaps I should be working on it now, but I've decided to pursue those things I can complete this day. With the snow falling, everyone at the day job loaded up what work could be done from home computers and headed out. My four tasks are saved and emailed back to myself to retrieve tomorrow morning. I've updated my checkbook program and taken Deuce for a snowy walk. And since my blog is as much for me as for you, dear readers, I've blogged. 

Now I think I'll take a moment to enjoy a cup of tea and watch the snow fall.  Loki insists he wants to give the snow another look-see. I'll open the door for him and see how it goes. I predict he'll back up instead of step into the snow. He's not a stupid cat. 

Forward we go. I suspect this snow will melt quickly, but it's not a good sign for this winter. I may be blogging about snow a lot. 


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