Friday, April 2, 2021

Down the rabbit hole

 April 2, 2021

Starting to update all the out-of-date links here at Between the Keys has taken me down the rabbit hole. There are well over one thousand blog entries spanning the last thirteen years, and all of them have a link or two - or more - included. The task is more daunting than I thought it would be. 

I've begun to wonder if all the updating is truly something that needs to be done. Do people actually go back and read entries from 2008? Yes, they do. Do they click on the links? I would have to assume so, in some instances. Is having a reader click on a dead link a good thing? Nope.

It could be better to link each book to a bookseller page, but I don't like that idea. Is Blogger safer than a personal website? Probably not but I found out a personal website isn't so safe, either. 

Updating the links is going to take a virtual forever, but I'm going to slough onward and do as much as I can. I may fall out of my chair with exhaustion, but until then, I will persevere. 

And that is my pep talk to myself this sunny Friday afternoon. Let's hope it works. 


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