Sunday, November 7, 2021

Manuscript and book updates are inevitable

 November 7, 2021

The decision is made or rather was made for me. The downturn in the economy has a lot of us concerned, and when I say "us," in this instance, I mean the book-buying public of which I'm a member. I've purchased a lot of books over the years in a wide range of genres. I was a reader long before I was a published writer. However, I've done something I'm avoided for years. I've signed up for Kindle Unlimited. 

This isn't my first choice of action. I'd rather support the author and have a permanent copy in my library. But then again, I won't have to return a really crappy book for a refund now. I can simply delete it. And I can still purchase a book I fall in love with. 

Acknowledging that book buying has changed has also led to the decision to list my books on Kindle Unlimited. The number of people utilizing KU is growing exponentially which means they are not buying individual books. I would have never given up the iTunes income in years past, but that number has decreased, a clear indicator readers are changing habits. 

Going to KU is going to be a lot of work for this author. While it does give me the opportunity to update the Books By, About the Author, and Dear Reader pages, it also means adding links that Amazon allows. So be it. It will take time but if there's one thing I've learned, there's no point in rushing. 

Updating older manuscripts is something we should all do from time to time, especially when we have a couple of newer titles that didn't make the Books By page. That I didn't keep up on doing that is on me - and thank you to some smart programmer for copy and paste! 

The fall time change took place last night so my day is shorter. It's time to set this aside and go outside to enjoy this brisk autumn day. I'll have a long, dark evening to work on the task of updating. It may be the only pay-off is me knowing it's done, but satisfaction matters. 


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