Monday, March 28, 2022

Waiting, waiting, waiting

March 28, 2022

If parting is sweet sorrow, waiting is sweet torture. My "official" retirement date is now May 22, 2022. That's the day of my retirement "party," and you know I won't go back to my old work office after that. <deep breath>

The little counter on my phone tells me there are eight weeks, forty more weekdays. I don't work on Mondays, so that is thirty-two workdays. I swear it feels like forever. <deep breath>

I deliberately stepped back from writing so I could concentrate on the myriad details there are to beginning retirement, and there are many. Health insurance, pension plans, investment plans, and being March, filing taxes. Top all that off with training my "replacement" and I've been rather busy. I never suspected training someone would be so exhausting, and this young woman is a smart one. I can't imagine what it would be like if she weren't. 

My plan was to hold off writing until June, but that went out the window this morning. It may be the end of March, but it's cold outside. The things I wanted to do to start to prep for my veggie garden won't happen in the midst of snow squalls. Call me a wimp if you like. 

So what did I do? I banged out chapter eight of the work-in-progress and it felt SO GOOD!!!! I really need to get the cover worked out but I'm on sabbatical. Right? 

Maybe not. Things happen in their own sweet time. Who am I to fight it?


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